3/21/2020 – Dreaducation Webinars Available Now!!!

Are you struggling with a crazy mane of dreadlocks that you just can’t seem to figure out how to tame on your own? Maybe you had an appointment with Raging Roots in the month of March or April that got cancelled and you’re desperate the fix them up now that you can’t come into the studio? Avani’s online dreadlock maintenance webinar is the perfect solution! Learn a valuable skill and fill the spare time your suddenly find yourself with and pre-register for one of my weekly workshops today!

If you had an appointment booked with Avani in March or April check your e-mail for a discount code to get 50% off this workshop to help keep things in check while you’re stuck home for the quarantine!

Additionally, for the first time EVER I am offering my Dreadlock Artist Training Course PUBLICLY!!! No interview, no application, just your open mind and a desire to learn required! Click on over to the Workshops & Webinars page OR keep scrolling to pre-register today!

The store is closed for maintenance