Avani Joy ~ Dreadlock Artist/Owner & Founder

My name is Avani, (although many also know me by my birth name, Amy). I am the founder and was the original/first dreadlock artist at Raging Roots Dreadlock Studio and I have been doing professional dreadlock work since June of 2010.

Since starting Raging Roots Studio, I have devoted pretty much every waking hour of my consciousness to learning and honing my skills and a background knowledge in cosmetology and dreadlocks. This self-taught knowledge has allowed me the ability to offer my clients, and those who contact me simply for advice, the best information and support possible on their dreadlock journeys. Just like in any industry, the learning is never over, however! So I am constantly committed to learning and bringing YOU the best information possible.I absolutely LOVE this work and sincerely hope that my love for it and dreadlocks shows in every set of locs I have the opportunity to work with.

In addition to my passion for dreadlocks, I spend the rest of my time being “Mama” to my three, beautiful daughters born in 2009, 2012, and 2014. I am a big proponent of attachment parenting and reclaiming birth. My other passions include Earth spirituality (Paganism/Shamanism) and alternative healing/medicine.