Dreaducation Series: At-Home Maintenance

AMY_RAGING ROOTS-4All our dreaducation series workshops are approximately an hour to and hour and a half long starting at 7 p.m. Our At- Home Maintenance workshop is scheduled to take place on the first Friday of every month and will cover:

          • Separating
          • Palm & pinch rolling
          • Methods for incorporating loose hair
          • Helping roots to lock up

Please note that this class does NOT discuss the crochet technique as this technique can be extremely damaging in inexperienced hands and we don’t want to be responsible for any dread disasters! This is a technique only taught to professionals.

We encourage all participants to bring a friend, spouse, partner, parent, etc. so all in attendance can pair up and work on one another as part of the learning process. (This is especially helpful for those who typically ask their spouse or a particular friend to help them with their locks anyway!)

Participants MUST pre-register for all workshops. Must have a minimum of 4 participants for each workshop to be put on. If this month’s workshop is not properly booked by 48 hours prior to the workshop date, the workshop will be cancelled. At that point pre-registered participants may request a refund or transfer their registration to a future workshop.

Cost: $15 per person. ($30 per pair!) Click here to pre-register!