• If your dreads look like this.... you might be doing something "wrong"... Are dreadlocks dirty and smelly? - We can’t speak for all dreadlocks all around the world, but assuming you are following our recommendations then of course your dreads won’t be dirty or smelly. Clean, residue-free hair knots and dreads MUCH better than dirty hair, so if … Continue reading
  • AMY_RAGING ROOTS-6 How often do I “need” to come back for maintenance? - One thing to remember is that dreadlocks are only as much or as little maintenance as you want them to be. Naturally if you want them to look neat you’ll need to do more rather than less. That all said, ideally we like to see our clients every 4 to 12 weeks. (The younger your locks, and the neater you want them to be, the more they will benefit from more frequent appointments.) Continue reading
  • hair_length_chart How long does my hair need to be to put in dreadlocks? - It’s possible to dread hair as short as only 3″ long, but they would be some crazy, spikey dreads! A length of at least 5-6″ is preferable for putting in new dreads. If your hair IS still on the short … Continue reading
  • updo Salon Services - All (non-dreadlock specific) salon services by Jolene at A Creative Touch Beauty Salon (the salon Raging Roots is based out of)! To make an appointment call the salon at (860)253-0440. (Note: All dreadlock service appointments are made via web only and … Continue reading
  • Washing - The questions we are most frequently asked usually have to do with washing dreadlocks. The first of which, especially from someone who doesn’t themselves have dreadlocks, is usually “Do you wash them?” or “How do you wash them?” (the latter … Continue reading
  • shampoo-lather Shampoos & Soaps - If you are going to have dreadlocks you should be prepared to invest in (or make) a shampoo that is made specifically for dreadlocks. What is used to wash the dreadlocks is perhaps simultaneously one of the most important yet most neglected … Continue reading