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  • Photo from http://imgfave.com/view/1580306 How to Care for “Partial” Dreadlocks - Even if you only have one dread, you need to at the very least keep them CLEAN and keep them SEPARATE! Dreadlocks, whether you have one or one hundred, always have a tendency to want to "eat"/suck in any loose hair around them. Unless you want to end up with mega-dreads you need to regularly run your fingers through your hair around the dreads to make sure none of the hair you want left loose is getting tangled into the locks. Continue reading
  • hair_length_chart How long does my hair need to be to put in dreadlocks? - It’s possible to dread hair as short as only 3″ long, but they would be some crazy, spikey dreads! A length of at least 5-6″ is preferable for putting in new dreads. If your hair IS still on the short … Continue reading
  • images (1) I think I might have lice!!! What should I do??? - Well, first of all take a deep breath! You’re probably pretty freaked out right now and every itch is making you feel like grabbing a pair of clippers and shaving your head a little bit. But don’t worry, there are … Continue reading
  • 10988531_1162603520427086_4328295501797805288_n Dreadlock Updos - Sometimes you just need to look a little extra fancy, be it for a wedding, graduation, concert, or just to go out for a special night on the town! Raging Roots is now, officially, offering dreadlock updo services! All updo … Continue reading
  • Washing - The questions we are most frequently asked usually have to do with washing dreadlocks. The first of which, especially from someone who doesn’t themselves have dreadlocks, is usually “Do you wash them?” or “How do you wash them?” (the latter … Continue reading
  • shampoo-lather Shampoos & Soaps - If you are going to have dreadlocks you should be prepared to invest in (or make) a shampoo that is made specifically for dreadlocks. What is used to wash the dreadlocks is perhaps simultaneously one of the most important yet most neglected … Continue reading