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  • 552068_492922417395203_596074140_n Permanent Dreadlock Extensions - This service is to extend or increase the length of either new OR pre-existing dreadlocks. It may be done alone, or at the same time as initial placement or maintenance. [Note: Crocheting is necessary to the placement of dreadlock extensions.] … Continue reading
  • Washing - The questions we are most frequently asked usually have to do with washing dreadlocks. The first of which, especially from someone who doesn’t themselves have dreadlocks, is usually “Do you wash them?” or “How do you wash them?” (the latter … Continue reading
  • shampoo-lather Shampoos & Soaps - If you are going to have dreadlocks you should be prepared to invest in (or make) a shampoo that is made specifically for dreadlocks. What is used to wash the dreadlocks is perhaps simultaneously one of the most important yet most neglected … Continue reading