Initial Dreadlock Placement

Initial (Partial) Dreadlock Placement $20 per dreadlock UP to 12 locks,
$400 for a half head from base to crown.
(Get an estimate!)
Initial (Full) Dreadlock Placement $600 up to 4 hours (min) + $90/hr each addtn’l hour (Get an estimate!)

Initial PlacementABOUT:

Initial placement is for folks who have totally loose, brushable hair that they want transformed into luscious locks! If you have already started with the neglect method then you want the page about Dreadlock Maintenance instead!

To make an appointment or get a price estimate please fill out our Initial Dreadlock Placement Price Estimate form!


Note: If you only want SOME of these things done they aren’t all ‘required’. We will happily JUST section and/or band locks of hair for someone who wanted to go a mostly natural route OR do the rest at home.

We also encourage folks to read our Policies page before contacting or making an appointment with us.