The Evolution of Radiant Roots

Starting new dreadlocks from home after a full day of work; April 2010.

Radiant Roots came from humble beginnings as a one-woman operation run out of my condo under the name “The Dread Queen”. What I thought would be a good opportunity to offer a niche hair services starting, maintaining, repairing, and extending Caucasian dreadlocks to an underserved market exploded quickly when I moved her business into a local salon, “A Creative Touch Beauty Salon”. With clients traveling as far as from Colorado, Arizona, and California, I quickly earned myself a place on the map as THE go-to destination for dreadlock services not only in New England, but in the country!

My station when I first started operating out of A Creative Touch; December 2010.

Within a year of moving to a salon setting, I was so overwhelmed with clients clamoring for my unique skills turning silky Caucasian hair into knotty, beautiful dreadlocks that I quit her day job as a dental assistant to lock hair full-time. I went from booking same-week appointments to now having a 4+ month waiting period just to get in to be seen! I knew that I had big dreams of having a big multi-service salon for alternative hair, so I made the decision to change my business name to “Raging Roots Studio” to give me space to grow into not only more service offerings, but to add more stylists to my business.

Meg and I working on a client together; November 2013.

In 2013, with a course of my own written and designed, I trained and added a new member to my team, Meg. Meg quickly excelled at the art and science of dreadlocks as a profession and quickly built up a steady and loyal client base.

In 2014 I finally became a full-on LLC under the name “Raging Roots Studio LLC” and with the prospect of an ever-growing waiting period for appointments and an upcoming maternity leave, I trained and added yet another stylist to accommodate the busy schedules of our clients.

My little home-based dreadlock studio/witch’s cottage!

I moved into my own brick-and-mortar location and briefly added a braider/reception to my team and things were moving gradually towards my dream of having a full-service dreadlock/alternative hair salon.

However, in the Spring and Summer of 2015 both of the artists and receptionist I had previously trained left for various reason leaving me with the opportunity transform my studio to fulfill a long-time dream to own my own new age/metaphysical shop. It was named, first, “The Flaming Lotus” and changed over to Alchemistica later. I met so many amazing people and had some amazing experiences during those few years. (Including meeting and marrying my current husband!)

However, in 2019 with my fourth baby on the way, a beautiful new house, and an even more amazing new husband, I made the difficult choice to close my brick and mortar shop and re-open in a home-based studio that would allow me to stay closer to home where I now happily work to enjoy her work as a dreadlock artist AND mother.

The NEW Radiant Roots Logo!

In these years especially following my move to a home-based studio as a single stylist once again, I began to feel uncomfortable in the name Raging Roots that I had been now using for a decade. While I intended “Raging” to mean fun, exciting, and totally badass — if you Google the definition of the word it talks about extreme anger. This felt heavy especially as I was experiencing a shift towards fully integrating my professional life and my spiritual life after 13 years by adding Energy Healing and Wyrd Weaving into my service offerings as well as expanding into sharing knowledge about what I generally refer to as “Hair Magick” on social media to showcase this work and spirituality inextricably intersect for those who intentionally choose to do so.

I knew that after over a decade as “Raging” Roots I wanted to keep the shift in appearance and sound subtle for the sake of brand recognition. BUT I wanted the energetic shift to be BIG. So, in the Spring of 2023 I officially changed my business name to RADIANT Roots and created a whole new logo to reflect this change depicting a locked up lady with stars in her hair and the Sun behind her echoing the same shape as the crown chakra symbol; a symbolic representation of the magick I wanted to imbue this new name and chapter with.

Radiant Roots has gone through so many changes, but still continues to thrive in ways I never could have imagined in 2010 when I was bumbling through trying to start my own dreadlocks with a well-known brand’s “dreadlock kit” with a metal comb and wax. I am forever a student of the Universe, the Earth, and of course, this crazy journey that is dreadlocks. I can’t wait help you along your own journey to see what amazing places it can take YOU!