Preparing for Your Visit


Many folks prior to washing dreadlocks wash their hair much more frequently than is recommended. The shock of suddenly going from washing daily (or even every other day) to only once or twice a week can make the adjustment period for your scalp even more difficult. So, it is recommend that you begin to slowly adjust and wean yourself off of frequent washing to the approximate frequency at which you’ll be washing your locks. If you wash daily, try stretching it to every other day. Once your scalp adjusts its oil production to that accordingly (this usually takes 3 – 4 weeks), try to stretch it yet another day out. Ideally, you want to work up to only washing your hair every 3 – 7 days.

It’s important to come to your initial placement and/or maintenance appointment with FRESHLY cleaned, dried locks and in the case of initial placement TANGLE-FREE hair, too! Newly cleaned locks knot best and will have the maximum length of time to establish themselves before you wash them again. (Check out the Washing page to learn more about how and how frequently to wash dreadlocks.)

If this is for your initial placement you’ll have to make sure that you wash with a RESIDUE-FREE shampoo prior to your appointment. In fact, it would be preferable if you washed with a residue-free soap for at least a week prior to your appointment.  Please also come with your hair freshly brushed and knot-free as its easier for me to start completely from scratch than have to pick through a rat’s nest to create a semblance of nice, tidy sectioning. (Check out the Washing page to read which shampoos are recommended!) Please do NOT use conditioner the wash you do just prior to your appointment as it simply adds the residue we’re trying to remove from your hair right back in again!


You will be sitting and stationary for a few hours. So be prepared and able to entertain yourself should boredom come creeping upon you! Bring a laptop (for watching movies, doing work etc.), needlepoint, your latest crochet/knitting project, a drawing pad, etc. The salon has WiFi, so you can bring any device that uses it for entertainment as well.

Water!!! Keeping hydrated will help keep you as comfortable as possible. If you are dehydrated it can affect the elasticity of your skin and your level of discomfort while we tame your hair into perfect locks. Be sure to drink plenty of water ahead of time of your appointment as well!

Yourself! All clients will be charged from the start time of their appointment whether they are on time or not, so please be punctual. I don’t want to have to charge you for the time we miss anymore than you want to pay for it!

If it’s going to be a long day or days, make sure you plan ahead for meal times! Depending on the length of your appointment, there are periodic breaks where you may either eat food you have brought ALONG or visit one of the local restaurants to eat. There is a currently microwave and a refridgerator that clients may have access to at the salon.

Also, be sure you cell phone is fully charged OR your bring you cell charger, especially if you are staying over in the area for a couple days or more. We’re always surprised by how many people forget theirs! There are always electric outlets available for client use.

To read our policy regarding bringing along company please visit out Policies page.


Keep in mind that since you will be stationary for so long, you should NOT bring any children older than 9 months old (that are too mobile to be content being held in your lap for the duration of your appointment) to your sitting. Neither you nor I will be able to properly supervise them while we work and we don’t want anyone getting hurt. THANK YOU in advance for your understanding in this matter.

Any products or tools. I know you may have some stuff at home you like to use, but we have everything we need right here at the salon! We don’t typically use products at all anyway, and we keep plenty of tools around in case something breaks or we drop something on the floor. (It’s no good after that — has to be disinfected!) So, just something to keep yourself occupied while you’re here will do!

To read about exceptions to our policy regarding bringing along children please visit our Policies page.