Permanent Dreadlock Extensions

no wax no glue no chemicals
Photo courtesy of Anouk Dreadmaker. (Warsaw, Poland)
Please note that Raging Roots Studio is only custom-making extensions on a VERY limited basis [One set per month]. However, we still install extensions made by sellers on our recommended seller list below.
This service is to extend or increase the length of either new OR pre-existing dreadlocks. It may be done alone, or at the same time as initial placement or maintenance. [Note: Crocheting is necessary to the placement of dreadlock extensions.]


Installation: $90/hr (effective as of January 2023)

Extensions Ordering Info

Below is a list of recommended dread-makers. In case you’re wondering why I’ve chosen these particular makers (and maybe not others that might be cheaper) is because every artist, even with the same tools and techniques, will make dreadlocks that look different from one another. The artists I’ve listed below have styles that are the most similar to how your natural dreadlocks will appear and be created using the Raging Roots technique and style.
Additionally, one of the worst possible scenarios for installing extensions made by another (unknown) maker, is that the quality is so poor that they end up needing to be “fixed” which is not something factored into my time and price estimates. So, if that were to happen there is a good chance there would not have time to complete your dreadlocks in the allotted appointment time. By purchasing only from one of the recommended makers we can be sure that not only visually do they match, but they will also match in QUALITY which is extremely important to ensure they have a good, long, healthy life.

That all said, here is a list of recommended makers for HUMAN/SYNTHETIC dreadlock extensions/extenders:

Human Hair:

  1. LLocs (kinky/afro)
  2. Fashion Dreads by Napp Star (kinky/afro)
  3. The Better Loc (kinky/curly)
  4. Beat Dread
  5. DreadShed
  6. Anouk Dreadmaker
  7. Crochet and Woollies (extensions may need to be custom dyed to match as all hair is unprocessed)
  8. Lilith’s Locs
  9. Guru Dreads Shop
  10. Dreadscapes

Synthetic Hair:

  1. Black Sunshine Dreads
  2. Anouk Dreadmaker
  3. Andromeda Artifacts
  4. Rebel Locks
  5. VivaBraid (“textured” dreads)
  6. DreadCorn
  7. Katrinbraids

Unsure whether you should get human or synthetic hair??? I STRONGLY recommend human hair for permanent installation, but synthetic locks or wool locks can be a fun colorful addition for volume. For more info visit this page to learn more:

Human vs. Synthetic Extensions.

PLEASE NOTE that most pre-made permanent dreadlock extensions you find online are a pre-set diameter. (Typically 8 – 10 mm.) As you might imagine, the diameter of your dreadlocks will vary significantly depending on the size of your sections and the quantity of dreadlocks you have altogether. In order to determine what diameter dreadlocks you will need to achieve the aesthetic you are looking for you MUST


Once you have that information YOU MUST tell your dreadmaker those details so we’re sure they match in size with the locks I’ll be installing in your natural hair as a base for your extensions. (If you don’t see extensions to those specifications already pre-made in their shop, SEND THEM A PRIVATE MESSAGE! Most, if not all, custom-make their extensions to order.) IF the extension are made too wide, we may need to make your natural decide thicker and less numerous than you originally intended to make them look decent which will not allow your preferred size and aesthetic more likely than not.

As soon as you have a processing time from your dreadmaker, please be sure to double check it with your appointment date to be sure that you will have the extensions in time for then! (And, note, that our cancellation policy is STILL in effect in the case of extension issues, so please give us no less than a week’s notice to avoid cancellation fees if something should come up last minute with the seller.) Finally, I HIGHLY recommend paying a little extra for tracking on your extensions once they’re shipped, if it isn’t already included! (Although, this option may not be available for international sellers.)

To make an appointment or get a price estimate please fill out an estimate form!

We also encourage folks to read our Policies page before contacting or making an appointment with us.