Wyrd Weaving Sessions

girl with tribal spirit decorated dreadlock and headdress What is “wyrd“?  Wyrd a concept in Anglo-Saxon culture roughly translating to fate or personal destiny. Wyrd “Weaving” is a modern ritualization of the locking process that allows you to more deeply experience and honor your personal intentions and reasons for locking your hair.

Wyrd Weaving Sessions are incredibly taxing and energy-intensive for me. So, the hourly rates are approximately 1.5x higher than my standard services:


Partial Dreadlocks $500 for the first 2 hrs, $135/each addnt’l hr
$220 per hour w/ “flow” extensions
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New Dreadlocks $900 for the first 4 hrs, $135/each addnt’l hr
$220 per hour w/ “flow” extensions
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Dreadlock Maintenance $125/hr
$200 per hour w/ “flow” extensions
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My newest offering is perhaps one that I am the most excited I have ever been. I have been a practicing Pagan witch and Earth spirituality practitioner since 2004, Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Healer, and Tarot Reader since 2007. And, of course, I’ve been locking hair professionally since 2010. For the first time ever, I am intentionally merging my spiritual practice with my dreadlock art to bring you Wyrd Weaving Sessions.

Dreadlocks are, in my experience, a complex form of knot magick; one of the most ancient forms of magick that exists! Knots can be used to bind or release energy and many people when they choose to lock their hair do so with specific intentions and goals in mind. Those goals might include, starting a new chapter in their life (or mourning a previous one), becoming their most authentic self, healing trauma, or cultivating mental-emotional wealth — and MANY more! While simple intention can have the power to attract these energies to you through locking the hair, Spirit Locking Ritual Sessions take it a step further by using the power and magick of ritual to deepen the connection you and your locks have to your goals and intentions for yourself on your personal journey.


Wyrd Weaving Sessions work especially well when starting NEW locks — BUT, can be a part of any normal dreadlock service. Some of the unique things that your Wyrd Weaving Sessions might include are:

  • Full ritual structure with cleansing and creation of sacred ritual space and calling of elements/directions/associated and agreed upon deities or ancestral spirits.
  • Energy cleansing and/or healing of the hair and body
  • Custom created music playlist to match your intention.
  • Tarot, oracle, and/or rune readings
  • Custom, unique sectioning to incorporate symbolism to match your intention.
  • Full decorating session using colors, materials, and symbols to match your intention.
  • …and MORE!

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