Avani Joy ~ Dreadlock Artist/Owner & Founder

My name is Avani Joy. That’s the name on my driver’s license, but not on my birth certificate, before you ask. Avani means “Earth” in Sanskrit so my name is an homage to the love I have for this planet we call home. I am the founder and original dreadlock artist at Radiant Roots. I have been doing professional dreadlock work since June of 2010 which grew from my own journey in learning how to maintain and care for my own dreadlocks.

Even before that, I began practicing Earth Spirituality (mostly in the form of Neopagan Witchcraft) in 2004. That has inextricably shaped my lived in experience, understanding of, and how I interact with the world around me. In 2006 I started my journey into energy healing with Reiki I and later into 2008 with my Master-Teacher training in Usui Ryoho Reiki, Intuitive Energy Healing, and Shamanic Healing techniques.

After maintaining my own dreadlocks that were started in Spring 2010 thrusted me suddenly deep into a new community of amazing people, I devoted pretty much every waking hour of my consciousness to learning and honing my skills and a background knowledge in cosmetology and dreadlocks. This self-taught knowledge has allowed me the ability to offer my clients, and those who contact me simply for advice, the best information and support possible on their dreadlock journeys. Just like in any industry, the learning is never over, however! So I am constantly committed to learning and bringing YOU the best information possible. I find this work so satisfying and sincerely hope that my love for it and dreadlocks shows in every set of locks I have the opportunity to work with.

In addition to my passion for dreadlocks, I spend the rest of my time being “Mama” to my four, beautiful children. My other passions include thrifting, herbalism, foraging, occult, and mythology. I am also a serial artist and crafter who has dabbled in embroidery, graphic design, illustration art, painting, and wire wrapped jewelry-making.