Policies are subject to change any time and effective immediately.


(1) All appointments are required to make a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit using a credit card online (or cash in person) equaling 50% of the estimated appointment cost. At the time of your appointment this balance will be applied to the total balance due. If it exceeds the balance due, the client will be refunded the difference.

(2) Deposits are non-refundable, but they may be transferrable if a client needs to reschedule no later than ONE WEEK prior to the appointment.


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(1) All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Appointments rescheduled a week or more prior to a scheduled appointment are eligible for transferring deposits to a new appointment.

(2) If a client (repeat or otherwise) late cancels (less than a week prior to their scheduled appointment) or breaks an appointment two consecutive times or more, the client may be required to pay 100% of the estimated cost up front as a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit, the second half of which will be required to be paid via Square invoice. (If the actual appointment cost when services are rendered are less than what was paid, the client will be refunded the difference.)


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1) We accept cash, personal check, credit card, or gift certificates for the payment of appointments.

2) If your appointment is estimated to take more than a single day session, at the end of your first appointment we request payment of our hourly rate for that day (minus the cost of your already-paid deposit), and the remaining balance is due upon completion.

3) LOYALTY DISCOUNT: All clients who have been attending regularly (min. 2x annually) for 3 – 5 years receive $5 OFF PER HOUR for regular maintenance. All clients who have been attending regularly for 5+ years receive $10 OFF PER HOUR for regular maintenance. [***Effective as of March 2020.]

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1) All clients will be charged from the start time of their appointment regardless of whether they are on time or not up to $75 total per day, so please be punctual!

2) Please take note of the END time of your appointments as well at the START time. Clients who need to leave earlier than the END time of their appointments are asked to give us at least two weeks notice so we can fill the free time. Clients who give LESS than two weeks notice will be required to pay 50% of the difference of the estimated cost of the appointment.

3) If a client does not call, text, or email to notify us of the circumstances regarding their tardiness by a half an hour PAST the scheduled start time of their appointment, we must assume a client is NOT coming and plan accordingly. This is referred to as a “broken appointment”.

4) Raging Roots Studio does not work on clients younger than 8 years of age.

If you have any questions regarding these policies feel free to email me.

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1) In the event of a cancellation resulting in an appointment opening, all individuals on the calling list may be emailed and/or texted to notify them of the opening. Openings are first-come, first-serve so whoever responds positive first will claim the spot.

2) In the event individuals on the cancellation list do NOT claim the opening within 12 hours of it being sent, the opening will then be announced on social media.

3) If a client is sent six (6) appointment opening notifications/remains on the cancellation list for 6 months with NO response (positive OR negative) or communication of any kind, they may be subject to removal from the cancellation list. Responses/indication of continued interest is appreciated either way.

4) Once you have been on the cancellation list long enough for it to reach two weeks prior to your already-scheduled appointment, you will be removed from the cancellation list.

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1) Friends, parents, siblings, significant other’s, etc. are always welcome as company for clients to bring along to their appointments. Just be warned that it can be a LONG time for your company to sit in one place and stare at your hair and my backside while we work, so make sure they bring something to entertain themselves with!

2) Non-mobile infants 6 months old or younger (especially those that need to be near because they are breastfeeding) are ALWAYS welcome.

3) Any children older than 6 months old should NOT be brought to your dreadlock appointment as we cannot properly supervise them while working on your hair. HOWEVER, children are welcome *IF* you also bring along an additional adult to keep an eye on them. Again, it can be a LONG time for your children to sit in one place and stare at your hair and my backside while we work, so make sure you bring something they can entertain themselves with!

4) Pets are NOT ALLOWED in the studio due to sanitary/allergy reasons. (With the exception, of course, of service animals.) Note that the public parking lot next to our building does have some shady areas, however, if you’d like to bring your furry friend along anyway. Thank you in advance for your understanding.