Although crochet is more typically used for placement of dreadlocks in conjunction with another method done first as a “base”, occasionally, crochet alone may be used for the placement of dreadlocks. This is most typically the case with kinky, afro-type hair which takes to the locking process very easily and doesn’t require as much “work” to dread.

Crochet takes whatever “base” method is used (usually either Backcombing or Rip & Twist) and really pulls in all the loose hair on the surface of the new dreadlock and gives it a tight, firm cylindrical shape that gives the appearance of maturity.

We feel that giving dreadlocks the tightest start possible is important. Everything with dreadlocks is two steps forward and one step back; surely you’ve heard that when starting your dreadlock journey things always get worse before they get better. So, the tighter your locks start, the less far they have to “regress” before they start to get “better” again!

For more information about crochet and why it is often a controversial method within the dreadlock community, please check out the page about crochet in the maintenance section!


  • Creates super tight, mature-looking dreadlocks right away.
  • May require less maintenance than dreadlocks placed without crochet.
  • Super sturdy; withstands normal, wear, tear, and maintenance (washing) MUCH better than dreadlocks placed without crochet.


  • May have a rough, velcro-like texture until the dreadlocks “naturalize”. (Usually this takes a few washes.)
  • Can be an extremely difficult method to master on your own.
  • If a person has mixed hair, it may only work on SOME of your hair.