Affiliates & International Dreadlock Artist Directory

As much as I would like to be able to personally be able to help every single person who contacts me personally with their dreadlocks, unfortunately that isn’t possible. Below is an interactive map of the entire world including all of the good, reputable dreadlock artists that I am currently aware of!

Be aware that while I have done my best to only include dreadlock artists who use GOOD, safe techniques, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! Make sure to avoid anyone who uses dread perms, wax, interlocking, or felting!!!

To use the map click and drag to the appropriate area and click on the red markers to view more detail, including contact information, for the dreadlock artist in that location OR you can search for your location in the search bar at the bottom of the map and click on the red marker(s) from there.

Are you a dreadlock artist that does wax and chemical-free Caucasian dreadlocks?

E-mail me your contact info!!! I want to add you to these lists!

NOTE: Within the United States, the laws surrounding dreadlocking (qualified under the umbrella of “African Hair Braiding”) are different from state to state. In Connecticut where I practice, there is no licensure required for hair braiding/dreadlock work. However, few states are similar. This website claims no responsibility or knowledge as to whether the following lockticians are within their state law requirements and we encourage the consumer to inquire to this when speaking with whomever they contact. In states where a cosmetology license is required to do dreadlock work, many state boards of cosmetology choose to include African hairbraiding within the definition of cosmetology or hairstyling—despite the fact that the required curriculums for cosmetologists often do not include one twist of African hairbraiding. Still others may require specialty licenses that are often extremely difficult to acquire. Cosmetology schools are not required to offer the braiding curriculum, leaving braiders unable to comply with the requirements even if they wanted to. The end result is that the specialty licenses have been ineffective while still restricting entrance to the profession. Again, if you are concerned about the legality of your locktician’s work please make sure to inquired about this when speaking with whomever you contact.s-to-african-hairbraiding-nationwide-

(Visit to read about the requirements for braiders/lockticians in your state.)