Dreaducation Series: At-Home Maintenance


Classes are all taught and available online using Zoom meetings/Google Hangouts to do a group video chat for all present.

The topics in this class will include:

          • Separating
          • Palm & pinch rolling
          • Methods for incorporating loose hair
          • Helping roots to lock up
          • Gentle crochet technique for home maintenance

<<For the first time EVER I am teaching crochet techniques!>>

Although you can follow along with them, if you are signing up you will probably want to acquire at least one of each of the following items so you can follow along as closely as possible:

  • A loose hair tool
  • Micro-latch hook (x 2!)
  • Darning needle and thread (weave/upholstery thread is ideal)
  • Hair ties
  • Hair clips

We encourage all participants to have a friend, spouse, partner, parent, etc. to learn with you as it is exceedingly difficult to see the back of your own head. Of course, as applicable based on who attends, I will give tips as I am able on how to do maintenance on your own head.

Participants MUST pre-register for all workshops. Must have a minimum of 4 participants for each workshop to be put on. If this month’s workshop is not properly booked by 48 hours prior to the workshop date, the workshop will be cancelled. At that point pre-registered participants may request a refund or transfer their registration to a future workshop.

Cost: $100

Click here to pre-register!