Can I use hair dye/bleach on my dreadlocks safely?

314056_10150427126798327_4383102_nJust like dying “normal” hair is damaging to the hair, it is also at least mildly damaging to dreadlocks. (After all, they are hair, too!) However, the process is slightly different. You really only need to be concerned with covering the OUTSIDE of your dreadlocks with whatever color you are dying. Don’t try to force it all the way through. Not only is it unnecessary but it increases the risk of damage down the road. And, of course, wash your dreads THOROUGHLY afterwards. Any product left behind can cause additional damage.

Due to how roughly the dreadlocks must be handled in order to rinse/wash them as thoroughly as possible following dying or bleaching them, we do recommend waiting at least 2 – 3 month following the placement of new dreadlocks to bleach or dye your new dreadlocks. (Dreadlocks NOT started by Raging Roots Studio may benefit from waiting as much as 6 months to be sure they are properly established and locked before bleaching or dying them.)

When it comes to bleach, I urge for even MORE caution! Bleach is significantly more damaging that regular hair dye. Left inside the dreadlocks accidentally it can eat away at the hair and literally cause the dreadlock(s) to fall off entirely. Of course, this is a very extreme and relatively uncommon consequence, but due to the sensitive nature of using bleach with dreadlocks we highly encourage  that folks interested in bleaching their locks go to a professional with experience working with bleaching dreadlocks to get the best possible results with the least amount of damage.

Sorry, we don’t offer chemical/dying services at Raging Roots Studio!

Still set on doing it yourself at home? Check out this link to learn more: