Grab n’ Go Sectioning

We have done the ‘grab-n-go’ sectioning for a few people who requested it because they were looking for something that looked a little more ‘organic’ and ‘freeform’ without actually being that way. It is exactly what it sounds like — grabbing a section and then going with it! The caveat to this technique is that you have to make sure the sections are a generally round/square shape. What you have to make sure you don’t do is have section shape that have odd points, are C-shaped, or have chunks that cross over OTHER sections. So you still have to pin the hair up and pay attention to what you’re doing because all of those above shapes just spell bad news for dreadlocks. It only sounds easier and carefree… its just as much work just with a slightly more unpredictable oucome. I also try to be VERY aware of making sure there is good scalp coverage so that dreadlocks fall between two others covering any section lines.

Below are some examples of grab-n-go sectioning. (Not all of these were my own work. Some of these dreadlocks were placed by their owners or other dreadlock artists.)

As always, to help determine how section size affects the size of the dreadlocks, check out the page about section sizing.