How often do I “need” to come back for maintenance?

Photo by Jemini Photography.

Many people who come to see us as clients as how often they “should” come back for maintenance. One thing to remember is that dreadlocks are only as much or as little maintenance as you want them to be. Naturally if you prefer a neat and tidy appearance you’ll probably decide you want to come back a bit more often rather than less. Some of my clients who like to be super neat and tidy come as often as ever 6 weeks. (The ones that like to have the part/section lines visible at all times) There are others that only come once ever or every other year! That all said, most clients chose to come every 3 – 6 months on average. (The younger your locks, and the neater you want them to be, the more they will benefit from more frequent appointments.)

Of course we recognize that isn’t always possible because of travel, scheduling, and finances. Regardless of how frequently you are able to come, our #1 priority is making sure you have the knowledge, skills, and support to achieve the dreadlocks of your dreams whether that includes us working on your locks firsthand or not. Don’t hesitate to contact us with ANY dreadlock-related questions you may have!!!