I’m thinking of dreadlocks, but I can’t decide if they’re right for me. What should I do?

Well, I usually tell folks that when the time is right you’ll know! But, if your dilemma is whether or not dreadlocks will look good on you, there are a couple of options. The first, cheaper option, is that you can go to a salon that specializes in kinky, afro-textured hair types and get some twists done. Like in the photo at left.) In silky hair, twists generally last 3 – 5 days before they start to unravel/come undone. (Less if you get them wet.)

The other option is getting temporary, synthetic dreadlocks. This is a significantly more expensive option (the cost is comparable to getting permanent dreadlocks depending on the length and quantity you decide you want). However, it does last a bit longer; up to 2 – 3 months. The other nice thing about temporary, synthetic dread is that they can be re-used over and over again if treated well so you can really get your money’s worth out of it! (And they can also be installed in natural dreadlocks to give added style, flair, and/or volume.)