Is it true that people with dreadlocks are more likely to get lice/bugs?

NO!!! Honestly, we’re not exactly sure where this myth comes from. Our best guess it that people are associating lice with uncleanliness; another myth about dreadlocks. (We promise that dreadlocks absolutely SHOULD be washed and cleaned regularly!)

In fact, if anything, dreadheads are LESS likely to get lice due to the fact that we generally tend to wash our hair a bit less than the average person. Lice actually prefers CLEAN hair as the natural oils from our scalp actually lubricate the hair and make it difficult for them to get a good enough grip to hang around.

As far as other bugs, well we suppose if you’re putting crazy things in your locks like wax, honey, peanut butter, or other crazy things that don’t belong there you might attract bugs more than someone with “normal” hair. But otherwise, the only pitfall is that for the rare occasion where a bug DOES possible find its way into your mane, it’s a bit harder to find and remove.

Just like any other person, if you are in a bug infested area (hanging out in tall grasses and the like) you should always check yourself for bugs/ticks anyway! Just be smart and safe and all will be well.

Check out the page about lice prevention and treatment with dreadlocks to learn more.