Looking to train a Part-Time Dreadlock Artist!

Photo by Liam Carleton Photography

Thank you so much for your interest in training to become a Raging Roots Studio Certified Dreadlock Artist! We are currently looking to train an artist to fulfill the demand for Friday and Saturday appointments. (So, applicants must be able and willing to work these days!) The requirements to apply are that you must be at least 21 years old, must be willing to commute to our studio in Enfield, CT for training/work 2 days a week, must have a passion for dreadlocks and hair, and you must demonstrate an innate talent for working with dreadlocks. I’m excited by the opportunity to expand and add another person to the wonderful business I have created. If you meet all these requirements and think this position might be for you, I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully helping you hone your skills towards becoming a professional dreadlock artist!

The first step of the application process involves filling out and submitting a written application along with a sample of your current skill-level at creating dreadlocks. You’ll want to make sure you do your best possible work on this sample as your baseline ability can make or break the application process! Following the written application/sample submission, if we like what we see we will schedule a sit-down interview. In addition to reviewing the information on your written application, this interview is also intended to measure 1) our personal chemistry as we will hopefully be working very closely for a long time to come, and 2) get an idea of your natural skill and talent in the realm of dreadlock work. While I am confident in my ability to teach, if we don’t get along or if you don’t have the natural talent for this work then I fear that our journey together will be too short to waste either your or my time with this apprenticeship.

Following the sit-down interview I will review the applicants to narrow it down to who I feel will have the best chemistry with us on a professional level along with the natural skill of the applicant. Sometimes at this point it is clear if things will work out, but sometimes we like a little more to go on and we may, then, schedule a “working” interview in which the applicant will come into the studio for a few hours on a day that is mutually agreed upon and get the opportunity shadow and work with one of our artists to see how they fare in a real-time work environment. From that point, if we decide the applicant in question is the person for the job, the applicant will be offered the position and has the opportunity either accept or decline. If they are accepted, at that point they are expected to sign an apprenticeship contract.They will be supplied with a copy of it for their own records. From there a starting date for the apprenticeship will be determined.  We are hoping for someone to start ASAP.

This fast-paced, information-packed educational program is jump started with a ten week-long study program and is just the beginning of a minimum, total period of six months/550 hours total. Although the material learned during this course is vital for the work to come, we feel the additional hours spent in practical training acquiring hands-on experience are crucial to further developing your skills in the trade of dreadlock work.

The ten week study program is based on ten modules; one per week. Each module will relate to a particular area of study within the realm of dreadlock work and consist of a reading and/or video assignment, a practical assignment, a writing assignment(usually one page or less), and an open-note “quiz”/workbook assignment. During the study program the apprentice-student is expected to work 2 days/16 hours a week (150 hours total during the course period). During the study period the two days are flexible,although should be the same two days each week for the ease of scheduling and planning.

This apprenticeship program costs a total of $2,000. A down payment of $500 is expected up front (part of which will go towards the all the materials and tools required for the course; the rest covers the first 4 weeks of the course) with the remaining $1,500 difference to be paid OR worked off in a way that is to be negotiated prior to the beginning of the apprenticeship. If you’re not sure you can afford $500 up front, let me know! I want to work with you to bring your passion to fruition!

Following the end of the ten week program the apprentice will begin working as an employee at Raging Roots Dreadlock Studio approximately 16 –20 hours per week (2 days; we are specifically looking for someone on Fridays and Saturdays at this time) towards the total 550 hours that is required to complete the apprenticeship. Following the 550 hour apprenticeship,the apprentice is expected to continue to work as a member of the Raging Roots Studio at our location in Enfield, CT.

Still interested? Great! Then I really want to hear from you! Email us to be sent an application!

Thank you again for your interest in this apprenticeship! I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the apprenticeship with you.


~Amy (A.K.A.“The Dread Queen”)