My dreadlocks are frizzy! What can I do to fix it?

Obsessing over frizz???
Obsessing over frizz???

First of all, it’s important to realize that frizz is COMPLETELY normal and expected!!! We always say that everything with dreadlocks is two steps forward and one step back. Although your baby dreadlocks may have started off looking super sweet, over the next few months, they are going to turn into rebellious toddlers and get a bit crazy. If you are a client of ours, this stage is pretty minimal and once you return for maintenance, we will reign in all that frizz and you’ll leave looking super neat and tight just like you did when your locks were brand new!

The first thing to look into is what product(s) you are using! Are you using wax? STOP! It acts as a lubricant and actually PREVENTS locking. Not to mention that it doesn’t magically wash out the way product companies tell you it does. It builds up and overtime leads to mold growth. What shampoo are you using? Just because a shampoo is “all-natural”, “organic”, or even it says it’s “residue-free” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for dreadlocks. Unfortunately terms like “anti-residue” or “residue-free” have become misleading marketing buzzwords used to sell products that aren’t really either of those things. The wrong product can lubricate the hair and prevent locking and lead to build-up and issue with mold down the road.

Other than that, client or not, here are some tips to help minimize frizziness in the meantime:

1) Cover your locks at night— Absorbent fabric from your bedding can create frizziness, so consider getting a Dreadsock or similar item to cover them up while you doze!

2) Palm roll, palm roll, palm roll! — It’s not something that works overnight, but gradually over time it will help keep frizz at a dull roar.

3) Locking Gels & Sprays — You can add these bad boys into your regular maintenance routine to tame that halo of fuzz. (One of our clients likes to refer to it as her “Princess crown”… we like that one!) Either spray on your head to smooth frizz in a rush, or you can rub the product into your palms and palm roll with it. This is especially great if you have a special occasion to go to. You can even twist your roots a tiny bit to make them look like they are locked up closer to your scalp in a pinch to make it look tidier for a night.

4) STEP AWAY FROM THE MIRROR! — No, seriously! This one is especially for the folks out there who have older dreadlocks. You are probably holding your “frizzy” dreadlock about 3 inches away from your face and obsessing over what is realistically very little! Keep in mind that everyone else in the world, except maybe for your mother or your significant other, is looking at your locks from about 4 feet (1.33 meters for all you metric folks out there) away. Step that far away from a mirror and look again. Much better, isn’t it?