Post-Quarantine Safety Policies

I know, super sexy title, right? But it’s super important that as we slowly start reopening after the pandemic close-downs that we do everything we can to be as safe as possible and avoid a resurgence of infections. Here’s what I am doing to make sure that the environment in which your hair is being done is as safe as possible:

I AM BARBICIDE COVID-19 CERTIFIED! I took an extra course to make sure I know how to be as safe as possible. (Although, I’m going to be real with you: this course was kind of a joke if you’ve ever worked in the medical/dental field and learned about Universal Precautions already.) Here is a fancy piece of paper to show you that I got from it:

If you didn’t already know, I actually worked in the dental field for 7 years before (and during) I started doing dreadlock work. I am already well-versed in infection control and even before the shut down I had acquired PPE (masks, gloves, etc.) and other single-use items to make sure I could be as safe as possible. I will continue to use all those things!


What do I mean by “sick”? If on the day of your appointment you have any of the following symptoms: runny nose, cough, fever, PLEASE DO NOT come to your appointment. Remember, I have four kids; one of which is a 6 month old baby. I don’t want any of them to get sick and I don’t want to leave them without a mother if I get sick!

To this end, I will be checking the infrared forehead temperature of EVERY CLIENT before starting their service before you even exit your vehicle. So, don’t come with a temperature of 99°F thinking you’ll tell me you’re just fine — ESPECIALLY if you’re driving a long distance to get here. I WILL turn away anyone with a fever of 99°F or higher.

***Until such a time as the scientific community can definitively tell us that the pandemic is –OVER–, I am suspending penalties for last minute cancellation if it is due to COVID-19 related illness, symptoms, or self-quarantine due to exposure. All deposits will still forward to your next appointment when you are healthy again.


As often as the weather permits it, I will be performing your dreadlock services outdoors on myback deck. Research is showing that you must be exposed to the air stream of an infected (symptomatic or not) individual for several minutes to risk infection yourself and the circulation there is, the better! The studio itself is adorable but small. Thankfully my backyard is pretty!

If its a cooler day, wear a jacket/bring a blanket. If its hot, dress accordingly and bring plenty of water! Keep in mind my patio furniture may not be the most comfortable thing if you are getting sticky and sweaty. A towel or blanket or cushion to sit on might not be a terrible idea if its a sunny outdoor day!

Like this mask as much as I do? Click the image to buy one!


Yes, I know it’s “your body, your choice” (as a woman I’ll spare you the barfing emoticon to tell you how I feel about that one) to wear a mask, but it’s also my right as a business owner to decide who I am willing to serve — especially given the circumstances! You MUST wear a mask during your appointment. Don’t worry about me not being able to work around it; I promise I can. I already have a decade of experience working around the arms of your eyeglasses. I’ll be wearing a mask, too.

If any incoming client does not have access to a surgical (non-cloth) mask, I will provide you with one. Cloth masks are cute, but do not actually prevent the spread of viruses. If you have your own surgical masks, please bring your own so I have more for the folks who truly need them.


Just like I had to do when I worked in the dental field, I will be disinfecting all surfaces and tools between each and every client to prevent any cross-contamination. I’ll either be using Disinfecting Lysol Wipes, Clorox Wipes, or a homemade-bleach disinfectant of my own creation. I will be using single-use tray covers for my tools that will be discarded between each client and adhesive single-use covers for cell phone or any other frequently-touched items as much as possible.

That all said, in your 2-day confirmation emails and texts I will be including a link to another page that will go over, in detail the procedure you should follow when you arrive for your appointment to make sure we can utilize these methods to keep you, me, and all of our loved ones — by extension — as safe as possible.

Thanks for reading and care. Be safe and healthy!


~ Avani