Prices Increasing in 2019!

This is a hard post to make. I think people like to assume that businesses are just trying to stick it to their clients when raising their prices. The truth, from any good, ethical business person, anyway, is quite the opposite. All self-employed persons struggle with discerning their worth and value; charging appropriately for the quality of their work.

After 8 years doing dreadlocks and a schedule that books regularly 4 – 6 months in advance in addition to what the new, customary and reasonable pricing for such services seem to be across the board nationally for someone with my level of experience and skill, it’s become painfully apparent to me that I am woefully undercharging for my work. I never intended to compete locally based on pricing and I’ve ended up doing just that unintentionally. I don’t want people choosing me because I’m cheaper. I want people choosing me because they like my work! It isn’t fair to my competition to undercut significantly in price and it’s not fair to me and my experience-level to do that. Plus, I can assure you that my bank account, mortgage lender and three needy children will confirm the necessity of this significant change! LOL

In the past, I have typically raised my prices no more than $5 every 18 months or so. This change is only about 12 months from the last and a leap of $10 per service. Many of my loyal, continued clients over the last several years may or may not be aware that I “froze” the rate you pay a couple years ago. Clients that started coming to me at least twice a year prior to June of 2016 have been grandfathered in at $40/hr for maintenance. HOWEVER I simply can’t afford to continue operating my business charging so little! Those loyal clients that were locked in at that will still only see a $10 increase to $50/hr starting in January of 2019 rather than the prevailing rate of $60/hr.

Although I understand this leap feels big and challenging, I hope you’ll all respect and understand my need to make this significant and crucial change to ensure that I can continue to provide my services to you all for a long time to come.

I thank you all in advance profusely for your understanding and loyalty. <3

Blessings and Love,

~ Avani