Types & Styles of Temporary Synthetic Dreadlocks


There are different types of synthetic dreadlocks that can be made; backcombed/twisted/sealed (a.k.a. “Twisted”), backcombed/palm rolled/sealed (a.k.a. “Natural”), backcombed/crocheted/lightly sealed (a.k.a. “Crocheted), and backcombed/palm rolled/lightly sealed (a.k.a “Puffy Natural”). We will be focusing only on the three different methods that we use here are Raging Roots; Twisted, natural, and crocheted. All synthetic dreadlock types can be made either as single-ended (SE) with a loop at one end for installing (that’s one dreadlock per section of hair its is braided into) or double-ended (DE) which is double the length and is folded over to be installed (that’s TWO dreadlocks per section of hair its braided into).

Although we talk a lot about how we generally dislike backcombing for natural hair, in synthetic fibers it works fabulously as its properties are quite different then human hair. Backcombing is the foundation of all types of dreadlocks that we make here at Raging Roots.

  • Twisted dreadlocks are the most common type of synthetic dreadlocks that are available on the market. They have a highly polished, tidy appearance that cannot be achieved with natural hair. (See photo at right.)
  • Natural dreadlocks, because they are not twisted during the sealing process, tend to look more, well, natural! They are, however, just as smooth in appearance and tend to be very uniform and neat in appearance. (See photo above left.)
  • Crocheted dreadlocks typically have the most organic, textured appearance. They are usually only lightly sealed as the crocheting tends to make them quite solid without thorough steaming. The light seal makes them appear more natural. (Photo coming soon!)

    — STYLES —

    Because of the natural by which synthetic dreadlocks are and can be made there are a lot of fun and exciting styles that can be achieved.

    • Solid – one solid colour
    • Blended – 2 or 3 colours blended together (can be done either loosely for a marbled effect, or tightly for a smooth blend)
    • *Candy cane – 2 colours wrapped around each other
    • *Twists – 2 colours twisted together (less defined than candy cane)
    • **Harlequin – A double-ended dreadlock typically made of two different colors or styles on either end.
    • Transitional – A dreadlock that fades gradually from one color (base color) to another at its end (accent color)
    • Wrapped – A dread with a thin wrap of the same or a different colour
    • Wavy/Curly

For an even better, more comprehensive guide check out the “Buyer’s Guide to Synthetic Dreadlocks” blog by Imp & Petal!