Temporary Synthetic Extensions


(Shown: Braid Install)

This service is for the installation of temporary, synthetic dreadlock extensions that are braided into “normal”, brushable hair or otherwise tied into natural dreadlocks. They are a great way to get the look of dreadlocks without the commitment, and can be used to add extra volume, color, or style to pre-existing natural dreadlocks.

Currently we offer two different installation methods:

Braid Install –

Extensions are installed by either a braid OR using the “blanket stitch”. (Blanket stitch is better suited for when clients have very long hair.)

Price: $45/hr (full 80 – 100 SE install takes 8 – 10 hours, full 40 – 50 DE install takes 4 – 6 hours)

Braid & Wrap Install – 

Extensions are installed either with the braid or blanket stitch method, but additionally hair is wrapped around the visible natural hair. This is best suited for twisted-style dreads to minimize the appearance of the client’s natural hair.

Price: $50/hr (full 80 – 100 SE install takes 8 – 10 hours, full 40 – 50 DE install takes 4 – 6 hours)

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Note: Raging Roots Studio is no longer offering to custom fabricate sets of synthetic dreads. However, we are happy to install dreads made by other makers!


This service is to fix up older sets of dreadlocks that may benefit from a good deep cleanse (if they are a little smelly) and tidy-up. It includes a deep cleanse, trim, and re-seal as necessary.

Price: $30 (plus the cost to ship them to me)

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