3) Research, Research, Research!

adoption-research-studiesDO YOUR RESEARCH. The very fact that you are on our website looking around is a GREAT start as we’re sure you’ll discover (if you haven’t already) that there is a plethora of information here. You should do enough research to be able to answer these questions for yourself:

    • How do you want your dreadlocks put in? (Check out Installation Methods the section of this website for some info on this. If you’re curious my personal preference is a combination of Rip & Twist and Crochet.)
    • How big do you want your dreadlocks and how do you want your sectioning to fall? This is a crucial first step that many overlook! (Check out the page about Sectioning for more info.)
    • What will you wash my dreadlocks with? (Check out the page about washing your dreadlocks.)
    • What kind of maintenance do you want to do, if any? (Check out the Maintenance section.)

One of the best things you can do is search online for photos of other dreadlocks and find a photo or multiple photos that approximate the appearance you are hoping to achieve. This will help me AND you acquire the dreadlocks of your dreams.