Temporary Synthetic Extensions

(Shown: Braid Install)

This service is for the installation of temporary, synthetic dreadlock extensions that are braided into “normal”, brushable hair or otherwise tied into natural dreadlocks. They are a great way to get the look of dreadlocks without the commitment, and can be used to add extra volume, color, or style to pre-existing natural dreadlocks.

Currently we offer two different installation methods:

Braid Install –

Extensions are installed by either a braid OR using the “blanket stitch”. (Blanket stitch is better suited for when clients have very long hair.

Braid & Wrap Install – 

Extensions are installed either with the braid or blanket stitch method, but additionally hair is wrapped around the visible natural hair. This is best suited for twisted-style dreads to minimize the appearance of the client’s natural hair.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time Raging Roots Studio is no longer offering temp installs as a service. Thank you for your understanding!


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