• 7/1/19 – Alchemistica Closing in Nov. 2019!!! - To All My Loyal Customers: As many of you already know, I will be taking a maternity leave from November 2019 – February 2020. I have intimated to many clients recently that in March, when I return, my schedule will … Continue reading
  • 5/21/19 – Big Announcement(s)!!! - I am pregnant…. AGAIN! I know. Four. It’s ridiculous. This is the last one I swear. Before you ask, no we are not finding out if its a boy or a girl until the day the baby makes their appearance … Continue reading
  • Deposit Policy Changes!!! - Unfortunately, due to issues with credit cards being unable to be charged when numbers were left on file in place of a deposit, we have gone back to requiring a non-refundable deposit for ALL appointments! In the years since implementing … Continue reading
  • Prices Increasing in 2019! - This is a hard post to make. I think people like to assume that businesses are just trying to stick it to their clients when raising their prices. The truth, from any good, ethical business person, anyway, is quite the … Continue reading
  • Appointment Booking System Changes! - We recently made some pretty big changes to our appointment booking/calendar system and “deposit” policies! Although it is always our hope that clients will keep their scheduled appointments, sometimes things come up and clients are unable to attend. Previously we … Continue reading
  • Looking to train a Part-Time Dreadlock Artist! - Photo by Liam Carleton Photography Thank you so much for your interest in training to become a Raging Roots Studio Certified Dreadlock Artist! We are currently looking to train an artist to fulfill the demand for Friday and Saturday appointments. … Continue reading
  • Price Rate Increase - The decision to raise our prices is always a difficult one. We always strive to keep our rates as low as possible, but we’ve come to a point where we are simply unable to sustain business operations at the low … Continue reading
  • We’ve Moved!!! - We’ve officially MOVED! Check out the photos below to check out the progression through the entire process!! Post by Raging Roots Studio.
  • Looking for PT Trainee/Dreadlock Artist!! - It’s that time again!!! Raging Roots Studio is looking to train another dreadlock artist to help us in our studio part-time on Fridays and Saturdays! Applicants must be local/willing to travel to work!! If we don’t find someone by August … Continue reading